Thursday, November 9, 2017

Post 57--Fulani Attacks on Nigerian Christans

If you open the link below, you will find a great article about Fulani atrocities against Christians in Nigeria.  Fulanis are a nomadic tribe of Muslims who wander with their cattle through areas now settled by farming populations in Nigeria.  Of course, there has long been tension between settler and nomadic peoples in many areas in the world. Nigeria is no exception. 

However, the articles explains how it can be that the relatively uneducated and unsophisticated Fulani's attack with such modern weapons. It explains that powerful Muslims in government, army and society support the Fulani by providing them with modern weapons.  They use the Fulani to carry out their Muslim jihad in the country. That, it is said, explains why the government and army never stop these attacks. 
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This explanation is nothing new; Nigerian Christians have held it for decades, ever since the beginning of the contemporary Christian-Muslim struggle. I invite you to consult my STUDIES IN CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM RELATIONS which you can access on my website

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